The 24k Gold-Leafed Interior of the Grand Piano

The grand piano is among the most widely-used and versatile grand piano models in the world. They have solid bodies and long strings, and the octave and fifth octaves provide a smooth feel and powerful impact. They're ideal for any style of classical music and are commonly used in schools and churches as well as in offices and living rooms. A grand piano is a grand instrument; its size, resonance, depth, and variety of projection make it stand alone. This URL

Grand Piano Vs Uprights - The Key Difference

Grand pianos can be purchased in several sizes depending on the number of available strings (also referred to as treble strings). The grand piano usually provides a wide, deep dynamic range, warm, rich tone, expressive resonance, and responsive response. Only when these characteristics are combined can pianists effectively convey the dense sound expression which classical composers include in their works. The octave and fifth octave grand piano is considered one of the best types for concert pianos. The grand piano has an exquisite rich quality, with a distinct roundness and richness that cannot be reached by the less expensive transparent piano or the traditional upright grand piano. Its grand piano keys are made of steel, and the fingerboard and the hammers are of medium hardness. Pianists that prefer the grand piano often choose it because of its warm tone and its wide dynamics range. A grand piano, even though it's a bit more expensive than its counterparts, is worth every cent. Its rich sound makes it ideal for dramatic and powerful performances.