Login – Admin

The Login - Admin page is accessed by using the IP address of the router. This IP address is usually present on most Belkin routers, and it can be entered by typing it into a web browser. In order to gain access, users must have a username and password for the router. If the user forgets the password, they can try resetting their router. This link

Little Known Ways To Login - Admin

However, before you can get into the admin panel of your router, you must have a working internet connection. You should be connected to the same router as your router's IP address. Some people try to connect to their network using another WiFi. For this reason, many of them encounter problems while trying to access the router's admin panel. If the IP address is not recognized, you must change its default settings. Before you can login to the admin panel, you must make sure you are using the correct IP address. Without a working internet connection, you may not be able to access the router's settings. To remedy this problem, you must switch to a different WiFi. It is not recommended that you use a WiFi other than the one you're using to connect to the internet. Then, use the IP address to access the router's admin panel.