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Waste Management

Waste management is the process of ensuring that the waste produced by a business is disposed of correctly. Waste management also includes the activities involved in managing waste in its entirety from its origin to its disposal. Waste is categorized as either recyclable or non-recyclable. Recyclable wastes include paper, metal, and plastics that can be recycled into new products. Non-recyclable wastes include animal and human feces that cannot be recycled. Disposal of waste can be either by the client directly or by the service provider of the company. Disposal of waste is primarily based on what type of product it is and the quantity thereof. Read more –

Waste Management

The way in which the waste is disposed of will depend upon the type of business uses the waste for. Some types of waste may require less management than other types of waste. If the waste is used exclusively for non-commercial purposes, then it will not be required to undergo any form of waste management. In this case, the company can dispose of the waste without further concern. However, if the waste is used commercially then it would require more attention. Waste Management includes both the prevention and the elimination of waste. Prevention refers to the steps taken to limit the amount of waste that is generated.

Elimination refers to the actions or methods taken to reduce or eliminate the amount of waste that exists in an area. It includes but is not limited to, recycling, waste diversion, waste disposal, and landfill management. The most effective and cost-effective methods of waste management are all combined and implemented to ensure that a business is able to produce as little waste as possible while still ensuring the elimination of waste. Each type of waste management requires a different approach. Some methods such as recycling and waste diversion have an immediate impact on waste levels, while other methods such as landfill management require some time before they can be fully implemented.


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