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Vast Natural Beauty of Purva Plots Attracts Thousands of Honeymooners

In the little-known hill station of Purva Plots, near Munnar, lies one of the best known tourist spots in Southern India. The town is nestled on a scenic 90-acre meadow called the Plank Road. This beautiful Indian town and the surrounding areas are popular for its natural beauty and the evergreen forests. The unique landscape of Purva Plots is characterised by steep cliffs, narrow lanes, small villages, tea and coffee gardens, and tea and spice plantations.Click Here more about - Resource

Book Review - Purva Plots Devanahalli

Purva Plots is an insignificant hamlet located off the main tourist thoroughfare of Devanahalli in Kerala, is not commercialized in any way and has thus remained uninfluenced by the commercialisation of many other tourist destinations around it. The hinterland around Purva Plots has been largely untouched by modernisation and has remained largely unmaintained. The lush tea and spice plantations in this region of Kerala have led to its being classified as zero hour tourism destination. However, the nature is too beautiful and the rich flora and fauna of Devanahalli have attracted scores of visitors year after year. The most amazing fact about Purva Plots is that the beautiful landscape and the idyllic charm of the place do not seem to be a thing of the past. The number of visitors to Purva Plots who returns from a vacation in the region is increasing steadily. The beautiful hill station of Devanahalli is also known as the "paradise of South India" and is popular with honeymooners, nature lovers, and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world. Tourists who take a stay in a luxury villa in Purva Plots find themselves drawn into the idyllic ambiance of this beautiful hill station. There are many beautiful plantation houses and bungalows on the outskirts of the devanahalli forests where one can see sprawling tea gardens, lush green plantations, and sprawling tea gardens. A luxury villa in Devanahalli villa plot may prove to be the perfect place for an exotic holiday.

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