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Corporate health checks is a service that will help your Maltese business to stay on track with the current corporate responsibilities as laid down under Malta’s laws, Companies Act. service includes two forms of Corporate Health Checking; high level Corporate Health Checking which mainly focuses on the company’s three most important areas; Financial Health, Public Health and Corporate Compliance; and low level Corporate Health Checking service that focus more on a company’s activities. High level corporate health check requires full details of all employees’ medical history, including any previous illnesses or accidents. Low level corporate health check only requires basic information on employees’ medical history, including any previous illnesses or accidents.

Corporate health checks will help you ensure that the Maltese companies you hire follow the law and are compliant with Malta’s laws. They will also enable you to make sure that your employees are getting the best health care possible. Corporate health checks can be done by the Companies Registration Authority or by the Maltese medical doctor’s office. Corporate health checks are designed to provide an opportunity for employees to access their health information and receive medical advice at any time and in any place. These reports can be given directly to your employees or to the relevant department within your company.

Corporate health checks are provided free of charge to all Maltese companies. The service can also be given on a paid basis and is available to all sectors of Maltese businesses. To get a corporate health check, you must provide the name, address and a complete description of your company, its business, and its products and services. The name of your health insurance provider should also be provided. The health provider should be able to provide all the necessary information required by the Companies Registration Authority. The providers have to also comply with the medical privacy rules set by the Medical Commission of Malta. All personal information and financial details should be kept confidential.


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