Wendover ReStore – Quality Used Furniture in Charlotte, NC

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If you are interested in finding quality used furniture in Charlotte, NC, you need to check out Wendover ReStore. The store is located in the Cotswold neighborhood, and is easily accessible by several different areas. In fact, it is just minutes away from NoDa, Eastover, Myers Park, and Southpark.

Water-fire-storm damage

Water-fire-storm damage in Charlotte is not uncommon and the resulting damage can be both extensive and expensive. To combat this and get your home back to a state of order, hiring a professional is a must. The best bet is to enlist the services of the United Water Restoration Group of Charlotte. They have the skills to get you on your way to a happy and healthy home.

As you might expect, there are many companies to choose from. For example, you could easily find yourself on the shortlist of companies that handle fire damage restoration in Charlotte and the surrounding area. However, only the best of the best can make sure your home is properly restored in the shortest amount of time possible. This is why you should make a list of your preferred companies and stick with them. Having a trusted team of professionals in your corner can be the difference between being in the red or being a smiling, grint.

Mold removal plan

When dealing with a mold infestation, it’s important to have a proper mold removal plan. This will help to eliminate mold, as well as any resulting health problems. Mold remediation involves identifying the source of moisture and fixing any leaks or water damage.

The key to successful mold remediation is removing the mold before it grows larger. After the mold is removed, it’s more difficult for it to grow back. Professionals can help you create a mold removal plan.

Some factors that lead to the growth of mold include humidity, food and water sources, and lack of ventilation. It’s always best to have a professional take care of a mold problem.

Mold is a dangerous fungus that can harm both humans and animals. The spores can easily spread throughout a home. Unless it’s dealt with promptly, it can cause extensive damage.

If you notice a musty odor, it could be a sign of a hidden mold issue. A qualified professional can determine the cause of this odor, and then begin to remove the mold.