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In Riverton, South Carolina there are many different riverland real estate options to choose from. Riverton is located on the eastern bank of the Ashley river and is bordered by North Carolina and Tennessee, with the Ashley river flowing through it. Riverton real estate is abundant in affordable home prices and homes are usually built with high quality land and the required environmental approvals. Riverton is a good place to live or purchase a vacation home.

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riverland real estate

South Fork Ashley river is also a popular real estate destination, home prices are reasonable, and the surrounding attractions are excellent. Swimming, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing are all possible activities on the water. Adventure seekers will find an abundance of opportunities to do activities off the beaten track. For the adventurous real estate buyer in search of a luxurious vacation home with a breathtaking view of the Ohio River, or for the family who wants a place where everyone can enjoy themselves without the concern of other visitors, a private condominium or townhouse within walking distance of entertainment and amenities is just what the doctor ordered.

The area is also ideal for those who have a passion for history and culture. Fort Lee State Historic Site, a National Historic Landmark, offers an abundance of historical sites to visit. Fort Lee, which was built in the mid-1800’s out of sod, was one of the first planned towns in what is now Baltimore. The fort was home to many Civil War soldiers and later a central point for Maryland politics.

The Jupiter Tequesta Hobe Sound Mls plan is one of several new and exciting initiatives that the key company has undertaken. “We are creating a sound exchange program between our real estate agents in Maryland and those in Jupiter,” says Jim Graham, President and CEO of the Jupiter Tequesta Hobe Sound Mls Company. “Jupiter is unique in that it provides great climate for both our real estate professionals and buyers, as well as easy highway access to the Eastern seaboard.” As such, the business plans to expand into other areas of Maryland in the near future.


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