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The best spinning reels under 100 dollars are a real asset to many anglers of all types. Spinning reels tend to perform better under certain conditions, for example when fishing in salt water with a choppy bottom or deeper water where particles of food float on the water surface, they are much better equipped to absorb the energy from these particles before they get too far underneath the water’s surface. However, if you simply decide that you want to go fishing with one of these reels, no matter what type of fishing you are doing, you need to make sure that it performs well. In other words, the best spinning reels under 100 dollars are ones that will do their job as advertised and perform to the best of their ability under most circumstances.

Best Spin Casting Reels

One of the best spinning reels under this price range is the Reelcraft Micro V. This spinning reel has all of the features of a heavier weight reel, yet it is also lightweight enough for easy handling. If you enjoy fishing on smooth waters with smooth sand, then you might be more suited to fishing from the Reelcraft Micro V. This reel is especially designed for easy and comfortable operation. If you like fishing on rough waters, then this reel is not for you. It is best suited to smooth waters, where the movement of the fishing line can be a little more natural.

Some other great spinning reels in this price range are the Kastking Spinning Cage and the Spinning Cage Pro, which feature solid cast construction and ball bearings. The main difference between these two reels is the type of spool that is used. The Kastking uses a double-ended tapered spool, while the Spinning Cage Pro uses a single ended tapered spool. While both are great performers, the Kastking is probably a better value, especially if you are looking for the smoother feel of a double ended tapered spool.


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