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It’s a little like asking your child to drive his own car without having learned how to drive. It’s just not going to happen. There needs to be a plan in place about how to get your child to learn some skills. This is where child development training comes into play. Find out

Childcare Infection Prevention Strategies

In my experience, child development training can only work if there is a strong sense of self. Without a strong sense of self, you’re not giving your child the chance to be who he or she really is. It’s about recognizing the unique traits you have as a parent and using that to help your child understand himself or herself. The first thing I looked at when thinking about child development was to consider the definition of self. What is self? Does it have anything to do with a child? Is it about how your child understands themselves? Or is it about what a child does for them?

When I was looking for a definition for self, I was surprised by the answers. It doesn’t have to do with understanding oneself. It’s about knowing the child, what your child wants, and who they want to be. Child development training is about teaching your child to know who they are. This is why you should think about what your child wants.


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