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“A great way to keep goods moving at all times and in all directions, overhead crane come in several varieties that make them very useful,” says Bill Czyzewski, manager of sales for crane distributors in Cleveland, Ohio. “We carry a variety of different types, such as pallet truck cranes, line engine cranes, tower crane and cable puller/swamper cranes.” In addition, distributors have other types of cranes, including wire rope cranes, pole and cable cranes, tower cranes, hoist cranes, wheeled cranes, dragline cranes, and more.

Where Does a Factory Crane Come From?

The demand for factory cranes in America has increased over the years because so many factories are now using them for a variety of purposes. For example, steel mills in all sizes constantly need to move large amounts of raw materials – metals, coal, timber, water or other products. If they used wood or concrete, it would take them longer and cause their workers’ safety to be continually threatened, not to mention that it would be much more expensive. Instead, steel mills have used factory cranes to allow them to quickly move all of these products around their facilities. And, while it used to be that there were only a few kinds of cranes available to steel mills, today there are as many as four different kinds, including electric powered, hydraulic, pneumatic, and wind-driven cranes.

Electric factory cranes have the advantage of not needing a ground operator in order to use them, saving them money and time in both operations and labor. Hydraulic and pneumatic ones can use either diesel, propane, gasoline, or natural gas. Wind-driven cranes need to be plugged into a generator in order to work, but they are also usually more powerful and faster than their electric counterparts. Lastly, wind-driven cranes that are powered by cables are ideal for places where the ground is too challenging to work, like in urban areas where there isn’t a lot of electricity.


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